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Chloe was removed from her mother’s care around the age of 5 due to neglect and her mother’s substance misuse. She spent a brief period in care and was then placed with her father and paternal grandparents.  Both grandparents and her father died within 4 years of each other. When Chloe was aged 10 she went to live with her paternal great grandmother. Chloe started a relationship with the father of her children when she was around 15 and first became pregnant at 16. Read More

Becky’s childhood was very difficult, with intergenerational dynamics of poor mental health and drug use, stemming from her own mother’s difficult and neglected childhood. As a child, Becky witnessed domestic violence and alcohol addiction within her family and was sexually abused at 8 years of age.  Becky first smoked cannabis at age 9 and tried heroin aged 14. Inevitably, her secondary school education was disrupted due to her challenging behaviour. Read More

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