The Pause Integrated Model – a systemic approach

Pause aims to break the cycle of repeat removal by intervening at a point when the women have no children in their care and offers them a chance to take a pause from the usual periods of chaos, anger and reaction to care proceedings. Pause is different in that it does not define the women in relation to any one issue e.g. substance misuse or criminal justice issues, or to others, but instead helps them to focus on themselves with the purpose of supporting them to take control of their lives and to develop new skills and responses. To do this they are required to take the most effective form of reversible contraception during the intervention, thereby creating a space to pause, reflect, learn and aspire.

Pause encourages partner agencies (e.g. criminal justice and drug and alcohol services) to think differently by working with the women from an open and curious perspective and put aside previous assessments and preconceptions.


Pause has a clear but flexible approach with a set of core requirements that are suitable for adaptation and application in a wide variety of settings. The results have been so successful with women that have experienced repeat removals that Pause is now working towards being used as a wholly preventative solution rather than a reactive one (e.g. prior to any the birth of any children for women who fit the profile).