Pause has proven to be effective in interrupting cycles of repeat pregnancy, giving women the chance to turn their lives around.

Edward Timpson, as Parliamentary Under Secretary for Children & Families

2015: Initial award from the Department for Education Innovation Fund given to Pause


2016: Department for Education awarded Pause a further £6.8 million to further increase its scale and spread nationally Pause deliver services through seven Practices – Doncaster, Greenwich, Hackney, Hull, Islington, Newham, and Southwark.

Detailed findings from initial pilot projects in Hull, Doncaster and London show:

  • Pause has supported 137 women – without the intervention of Pause, this group of women would have been likely to have had 27 more children taken into care per year at a cost of over £1.5 million a year to the tax payer.
  • If every woman in England who had had two or more children removed could work with Pause, more than £2.5 billion could be saved over five years.
  • Every £1 invested in Pause is yielding a return of a minimum of £9 over five years.
  • Dramatic improvement in the health and well-being of Pause women who complete the programme.


Winter 2016: Pause is successful in receiving match funding from the Chancellor’s Tampon Tax Fund allowing us to carry out scoping exercises with potential Pause Practices, and build the business case to fund Pause locally.


2017: January: Pause Celebration Event: Pause held its first event to celebrate the achievements of the women who have worked with us over the past 18 months and to give supporters an opportunity to see first-hand the way Pause Practices can support women to take control of their lives and break the cycle that results in children being removed from their care.


To date: National Pause is now expanding to reach more than 43 sites in the next five years and has launched a short animation to raise awareness.


If any organisations, individuals or local authorities are interested in carrying out a scoping exercise, we are open to expressions of interest. Please contact us at to find out more.