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Pause was lucky enough to work with award-winning poet Simon Armitage as part of a documentary for BBC4 called Child in Mind. Here is Lesley’s Poem, written by Simon and based on the experiences of one of our Practitioners in Hull.

Lesley’s Poem

Park up, walk down a path, knock on a door.
It’s as simple as that
but never as simple as that.  Might be a high-rise flat,
the lift might be jiggered,
you might need to think about fists, dogs, drink, drugs,
all that you’ve got
is a last-known-address and a name under your tongue.
How to knock?
Not with a feather, not with a sledgehammer either,
don’t carry a clipboard
or file, we’re not kid-catchers, hawkers or bailiffs,
we’re not the police.
And one woman lived in the park – so how do you knock
on a tent?
Don’t dress in a two-piece suit, don’t dress in a twin set
and pearls,
not in Hull on a Wednesday, not on the big estates.
Knock again,
no sound indoors and the curtains are usually drawn,
most women we find
aren’t morning people, sometimes they hibernate, sometimes
they’re buried alive.
Knock again, get an answer of sorts, it might be
a yes yes yes
which is really a no, or a no which is really a yes,
knock again,
keep knocking for weeks till a crack opens up,
till you witness
the depth of the darkness, the shadows inside;
put a smile in your voice
then offer the end of a very long thread that trails and untangles
in the direction of light.

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