Pause Practices

Pause works with partners in the third and public sectors to identify those who may benefit from Pause support, to set up and establish the service. We also provide ongoing support and training for those working with the Pause Practice. We operate across England, but we are also working with partners in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to develop Pause Practices there.

Pause Practices are staffed by a Practice Lead, a Practice Co-Ordinator and Practitioners, the number of which vary by each Practice.

As the title suggests, Practice Leads are responsible for the running of the Practice. They have experience of working with vulnerable adults and children at both a frontline and strategic level. They help to develop and maintain good working relationships with local partners and services. They are also a coach and leader for the rest of the Practice, offering structure and support that enables the Pause Practitioners to focus on their interaction with the women, ensuring outcomes are achieved.

Pause Practitioners work directly with women – and often their partners and wider family networks. Each Practitioner works with between six and eight women throughout the 18-month programme, helping each woman to address their challenges and difficulties through a range of interventions as part of an integrated package of health, therapeutic and social support.

Practice Co-Ordinators are the backbone of every Pause Practice. They keep everything running smoothly, from managing data to organising meetings and events.


Find out more about our existing Pause Practices, which are listed in order of opening, below.

Pause Hackney

Pause Hackney brings together skills from clinical therapy, counselling, homeless outreach, substance misuse and criminology.

Hackney is the second most deprived Local Authority in the country.

  • 2,465 Children in Need
  • 330 Looked After Children
  • 221 Children subject to a child protection plan
020 8356 4945

Pause Hull

The experience brought to Pause Hull includes work in children’s social care, prison and criminal justice, drug and alcohol misuse, domestic violence, refugee councils and leaving care services.Hull is the 11th most deprived Local Authority in the country.

  • 3,190 Children in Need
  • 640 Looked After Children
  • 248 Children subject to a child protection plan
01482 616056

Pause Islington

Islington is the 14th most deprived Local Authority in the country.

  • 2038 Children in Need
  • 305 Looked After Children
  • 137 Children subject to a child protection plan
020 7527 4204

Pause Greenwich

Pause Greenwich has been a part of Children’s Services in the Royal Borough of Greenwich since October 2015 and now includes a  Care Leavers pilot programme. The Practice has a wide range of professional experience and skills including child protection social work, probation, substance misuse, mental health, counselling, domestic violence and abuse, special educational needs and learning disabilities, Family Group Conferences, youth and community work and direct therapeutic and family work.
020 8921 2948

Pause Newham

Pause Newham has a range of experience from different backgrounds including child protection, court work, targeted youth work, asylum and Immigration, looked after child services, domestic violence, welfare rights, housing and homelessness. .

Newham is the third most deprived Local Authority in the country.

  • 3,313 Children in Need
  • 405 Looked After Children
  • 224 Children subject to a child protection plan
020 3373 1824

Pause Southwark

Pause Southwark has a range of professional skills and qualifications in psychology, psychotherapy, social work , systemic family therapy, substance misuse and drama therapy.

Southwark is the 41st most deprived Local Authority in the country. In 2015 Southwark had around:

  • 3,300 Children in Need
  • 500 Looked After Children
  • 275 Children subject to a child protection plan
020 7525 5489

Pause Newcastle

Pause Derby

Pause Derby has experience in child protection, drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, nursing and midwifery, domestic violence, residential children’s homes, early help, housing, counselling, therapeutic intervention and outreach with sex workers.

Pause Wiltshire

Pause Wiltshire has experience in domestic violence, children’s safeguarding/social work, and substance misuse.
01225 771695

Pause Bristol

Pause Bristol has experience in child protection, domestic abuse, substance misuse, CSE, harmful sexual behaviours, family law, sex worker support and with adults with learning disabilities.
0117 440 6788

Pause North East Lincolnshire

Pause Barking & Dagenham

Pause West Sussex

Pause Cumbria