Creating space for change

Pause works to prevent the damaging consequences of thousands more children being taken into care each year.

Pause works with women who have experienced, or are at risk of, repeated pregnancies that result in children needing to be removed from their care. We aim to give women the opportunity to pause and take control of their lives breaking a destructive cycle that causes both them and their children deep trauma.

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Join Pause at NCASC 2018 for a breakfast panel discussion

Join Pause in Manchester on 15 November for a breakfast discussion on how women’s lived experiences have been used to make change for the better across systems, driving successful engagement and better outcomes.

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Trevi House to deliver Pause Plymouth

Plymouth City Council has appointed local charity Trevi House to deliver the city’s Pause Practice.

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Practitioners @PauseDerby are having clinical supervision today. After weeks of emotionally challenging situations time to reflect on practice is essential for well-being, resilience and continually improving the offer for Pause Particiapnts💚💪#Practicefocus