Creating space for change

Pause works to prevent the damaging consequences of thousands more children being taken into care each year.

Pause works with women who have experienced, or are at risk of, repeated pregnancies that result in children needing to be removed from their care. We aim to give women the opportunity to pause and take control of their lives breaking a destructive cycle that causes both them and their children deep trauma.

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Pause key messages and recommendations for The Care Review

How can the care system provide the right foundations for women who experience, or are at risk of, the removal of children into care so that it never happens more than once?

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*New blog* Initial Pause Reflections on the Care Review "Case for Change"

Today, Ellen Marks, Director of Practice and Learning at Pause, shared our organisation's initial thoughts on the recent Care Review "Case for Change," and our process for developing our formal response. We see this as a starting point for some challenging, but much-needed conversations that will help ensure the women with whom we work are heard, validated and supported.

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What is it like being a Pause Practitioner? Hear from one of our Practitioners at Pause St Helens✨ @sthelenscouncil #CharityJobs #ChangeMakers